Python Software Foundation News: Where is the PSF?

Where to Find the PSF Online

One of the main ways we reach people for news and information about the PSF and Python is Twitter. There’s been a lot of uncertainty around that platform recently, so we wanted to share a brief round up of other places you can find us:

  • Read our blog : It’s here! You found it! You can always find our latest updates here at .
  • Subscribe to our newsletter : We send out an email newsletter about every other month.  You can sign up here:
  • Follow us on LinkedIn :
  • Follow us on Mastodon :
  • We're still on Twitter:

As always, if you are looking for technical support rather than news about the foundation, we have collected links and resources here for people who are new or looking to get deeper into the Python programming language:

You can also ask questions about Python or the PSF at

Where to Find PyCon US Online

Here’s where you can go for updates and information specific to PyCon US:

  • Read the PyCon US blog :
  • Subscribe to the PyCon US Newsletter . We send out an email newsletter about four times a year, during the run up to PyCon US. You can sign up here:
  • Follow PyCon US on Mastodon :
  • Follow PyCon US on Twitter:

Thank you for keeping in touch, and see you around the Internet!

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