Making custom domains work without the www at the start

This Quick-Tip is about an issue that some people have had with their "naked" custom domain not re-directing to the www-at-the-start version, and how to fix it using a feature in your Google Apps account.

Since Blogger released their initial fix to the custom-domain mapping problem of mid-September 2012, some people have found that it's not possible to set up the custom domain so that works as well as does.

There is an option for this in Blogger's Settings > Publishing area.  But last night, when I set up a "subdomain" style entry for and directed my latest-updates blog from to, found that this didn't work.
(Obviously I didn't use - but the principle applies.)

However today I found an approach that does seem to fix this:

1   Log in to the Google Apps domain administration account (the same one you used to set up the 2nd CNAME record - if you don't know how to get into it, some of the information here may help)

2   Go to Domain Settings > Domain Names, a

3   Sroll down to where it says:  Redirect the naked domain (http://YOUR-DOMAIN.INFO) to ... (whatever it says now)

4   Click the Change Redirect link under this.

5   Make sure that www (lower case) is entered in the field.

6   Click save.

I cannot guarantee that this will always fix the problem.   But it did for me just now, and I've seen a couple of other posters saying that it helped them too.    So I thought it was worth sharing.

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