Google Groups now has a "My Discussions" view

This Quick-Tip is about how to see the posts you made in Google Groups - in particular in the Blogger Product Forum.

I used to be quite active in the previous Blogger Help Forum.   But since they switched to the new Google Groups based Blogger Product Forum, I've been less enthusiastic:
  • The design doesn't work as well on the netbook that I use a lot of the time
  • It wasn't easy to look up questions that I'd answered previously to see whether the answer was helpful.   

The old system used to tell me that there were new posts in topics that I'd posted in, so it was very easy to go back and either give more help (kind of "after sales service") or hear from people who I'd been able to help (good motivation for helping other people.).

Today I noticed that a feature which is almost as good has been introduced to Google Groups.

The left-hand navigation area now has an entry for "My Discussions".  Choosing it shows all posts with author:me. 

This is a list of posts, not a list of questions, and the ones with new posts since I last logged in are not in bold.   So it's not quite as good as the previous approach.   But it's close enough for me to take more interest in questions that I contributed to previously, which is good for both me and (I hope!) the person who asked the question.

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