Top 5 Teacher on Youtube for competitive exam [2023[

 Best Math Teachers For Competitive Exams On YouTube | 2023

If you are preparing for any government exam, then you must know about the importance of maths in scoring marks in any competitive exam. Or maybe you've searched for who is the best math teacher on YouTube, or who is the best math teacher on YouTube in India. Mathematics is a scoring subject for some students and a nightmare for others. If you are starting your competitive exam preparation, then you must focus on your basic maths and concept clearing. Because maths is the biggest wall of any competitive exam. If you are preparing for a government exam, you need to clear your concepts and fundamentals. Maths - it's not just a subject - it inspires and amazes many and again it can keep many of us up at night.

Best Math Teachers In India


Rakesh Yadav


Gagan Pratap


Abhinay Sharma


Mohit Goyal


Aditya Ranjan

Best 5 Math Teachers on YouTube in India

In this article, we will learn about the top 5 maths teachers on YouTube who can help you clear your concepts. It will be helpful so that maths is not like a nightmare for you.

1 - Rakesh Yadav

rakesh yadav sir
Rakesh sir is different when he teaches maths. Continuing to provide tips for SSC CGL aspirants on YouTube. But it can prepare you not only for CGL but also for all types of state and non-state exams. He also has his own publication Rakesh Yadav Readers Publication. He publishes his notes and books. Students who have gone through his notes always say that his notes are sufficient to understand the concepts.

2 - Gagan Pratap Sir

Gagan sir is one of the best maths teachers in India for competitive exams. He has some high-quality lectures on Careerwille App. His videos are mostly for government exams like SSC, CGL, Bank, Railway exams, etc.
best math teachers india

Gagan Pratap is the best teacher and YouTuber, he teaches Maths on YouTube. More than 3 million subscribers to his youtube channel Gagan Pratap Maths, He was born on 17 June 1993 in Bulandshahr Uttar Pradesh India. Gagan Pratap has been teaching children on YouTube since the year 2018. According to the sources, their monthly income is being told between 30 to 40 lakh rupees.

Their analysis as well as the expected cut-off are not far away from the actual points. Gagan Pratap Maths is a channel that helps you to prepare for all government exams.

3 - Abhinay Sharma

top math teacher india

Abhinay Sir is a top Maths teacher in India, not only for Government exams but any competitive exam. Abhinay Sharma is the Best Math teacher, author, motivator, and YouTuber. He was born on 19 November 1990 in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. He teaches maths on the Abhinay Maths YouTube channel to students preparing for different types of competitive exams like SSC, Railway, Bank, and BPSC. More than 20 lakh people have joined his YouTube channel Abhinay Maths. 

He is also an educator at Unacademy and has a good experience in teaching. He has always been at the top while preparing for SSC CGL.

4 - Mohit Goyal

best maths teacher

If we talk about the top 5 SSC maths teachers in India, then Mohit Goyal's name comes at number 4 in the top list. Mohita Goyal sir also comes in as the top teacher of maths.
Goyal Mohit Sir is one of the best maths teachers for competitive exams. He has the most experience in passing the exam multiple times. He provides high-quality education on his YouTube channel as well as on the app, MG Concepts. Currently, he has more than 36 million subscribers on YouTube. He is also active on social media to stay connected with the students.

5 - Aditya Ranjan

best maths teacher

Aditya Ranjan
is a top maths teacher in India, and his students feel proud to study from him. That's why he is the favorite math teacher of students on YouTube. Aditya Ranjan is currently working on the post of Central Excise Inspector. Aditya Ranjan comes from a farming family. Aditya Ranjan has cracked it by scoring 644 out of 700 in the toughest innings of the 2019 SSC CGL. This Ranker teaches maths for SSC to kids on Gurukul's YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions For Math Teachers India

1. Who is The Best Teacher of Maths on YouTube in India?

Ans - There is a lot of competition for government jobs in India, so every student keeps looking for the best teacher to strengthen their preparation. You are searching best math teacher on YouTube? So let me tell you. At present, the best math teacher for competition exams is Rakesh Yadav, sir. Because his way of explaining to the students is very good. Rakesh Sir has more than 12 years of experience in teaching Maths. The student who studies from him with full sincerity can Crack any exam easily. That's why Rakesh sir is called India's best maths teacher. All the top Maths teachers in India teach on Rakesh Sir's app (Careerbill) only.

Q2. Who is the world's best maths teacher?

Eddie Wu is the best math teacher in the world. His classes are amazing to watch and he explains everything clearly and with reasons. You will never get bored in his class.

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