Removing the background image from the header of Blogger's Travel theme

This article explains how to remove the semi-transparent image that is shown at the back of the Travel theme (template) provided by Blogger.

I like Blogger's Travel template (now called a theme) - it's clean, and lets me control lots of things. 

But I don't like the semi-transparent image that you can see underneath parts of blog-header, navigation bar and perhaps the post header and body.

By itself, this image looks like this (I suspect it's supposed to be represented a scrunched-up piece of travel diary paper of similar):

Underneath one of my blog's header it's like this - see the lightly shaded area to the left of the red arrow:

Do you see the grey shading? You can possibly ignore it - until you do something like show an ad-unit with a genuine white background in that really shows up the difference. Then it just looks scruffy.

I'm sure that with some major template changes, it could be eliminated altogether - but luckily there's an easier way which just involves replacing it with a transparent image of the same size.   I think that this is a good deal less likely to cause expected problems in some other part of the template, so here's what I do.

How to remove the scrunched grey background from Blogger's Travel theme

Make a new image file, the same size but transparent, to use instead of the current one.
You are welcome to use a copy of mine, which is found at:

Load this to someplace (I use Google Photos, other people use Imgur or similar)

Get the web-address for your replacement image (this is how I get a picture URL from Photos)

Edit your Blogger theme in the usual way and replace all instances of
with the URL of your own file.

Job done! Your blog will now show your transarent (or whatever) file instead of the dirty-grey half-shadows image that is there by default.

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