October is for more than just colorful leaves and Halloween fun — it's also all about everyone's favorite comfort food. Why? Because it's National Pasta Month!

So this is a special month, whether you're an expert in the kitchen, learning to make homemade pasta, or simply a spaghetti super-fan. In honor of pasta lovers everywhere, we've put together a list of awesome pasta-themed gifts that are sure to wow.

The Pasta Tarot

Combine a dash of mysticism, a sprinkle of queer culture, and a generous serving of Italian American pride, and you'll get . This 78-card deck offers a quirky twist to a traditional tarot reading, perfect for pasta enthusiasts with a side of spirituality. Now, who's up for pasta predictions?

Unleash your inner 'pastaio' (the Italian term for a pasta maker) with this Mattarello – an Italian rolling pin made by . Fabricated with nostalgia, this is the kitchen tool chefs and Nonnas have entrusted for generations.

Big Night Pasta Candle by NataConceptStore

Why should your taste buds have all the pasta fun? With this (farfalle or fusilli) your olfactory senses can join the party! Bask in the neroli, jasmine, and orange blossom aroma that will transport you straight to an Italian kitchen.


Garofalo Traditional Long Spaghetti by Garofalo

Bring the taste of Italy to every pasta meal with this . It promises to be fun to cook (it’s almost 20 inches long!) and make for a great meal. Is it dining in Italy? No, but it's close enough!

Bucatini Sweatshirt by Cold Cream

Show off your pasta passion in style and comfort with this from Cold Cream. It's as soft as fresh pasta dough and half as messy. New pasta university recruit? Probably.

Pasta Sticker Pack by Marianna Fierro

Who says you can't wear your stomach on your sleeve (or laptop or water bottle)? These adorable s let you showcase your carb love in the cutest way possible. Pasta enthusiast and proud!

The Sfoglini Pasta Club by Sfoglini

Give a gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to the . This gift brings a delicious assortment of pasta and exclusive recipes to the doorstep. An ongoing pasta party? Hold on to your pasta scooper!

Retro 'Saturday Spaghetti' Print by TheColorPopShop

Sprinkle some pasta love Saturday or any night of the week with this vintage-inspired . It's charming, colorful, and carb-full! Who knew decor could be this delicious?

The Permutations of Pasta Art Poster by PopChart

Pasta comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and this ensures we respect that diversity! Each sumptuous shape is represented in this vibrant poster, turning pasta appreciation into a visual treat. A feast for the eyes, perfect for your kitchen!

Spaghetti Dad Hat and Pasketti Kids Dad Hat from Mister Parmesan

Every pasta-loving parent's dream come true! This is not just a fashion statement; it's a carb statement. With a cool spaghetti motif embroidered right onto the front panel, this hat is unapologetically delicious.

Kids can join in on the pasta fun, too! The is a delightful treat for any young pasta fan. This hat features a charming 'pasketti' stitch detail that children adore.