Introducing the "Free high-quality picture search" tool

This article introduces the Free High Quality Picture Search tool which has been added to this website.

Today I've added a new feature to Blogger-Hints-and-Tips.

The Free High Quality Image Search tool is available from the menu bar. It is a tool to help you locate free, high-quality pictures to use in your blog posts or other website projects.

It is based on a Google-custom-search engine, and a carefully selected set of websites that offer images you can use for free on your blog, even if it is "commercial" (ie you have advertising or any other way of making money from it).

The difference between this and the images that you can get from a general-purpose search using the Creative Commons image and multi-media search tool is the resolution of the images that are found and/or their photographic quality.

How to use the Free-image-search tool

  • Type a description of the image you want to see into the search-bar.
  • Press Enter
  • When the results display, click the Image tab, to see what photos are available.
    (Hopefully this step is only temporary, and I can soon manage to have the search-results default to images and still use the tool in Blogger.)
  • Use the numbers in the lower-left side to move to different pages in the image-search results.
  • Choose an image that you would like to use.

Once you have chosen an image, you can either link directly to if (if the site allows), or download a copy, put it on your own image-service (eg Picasa-web-albums), and use it in your blog.   The latter approach is required if you want the image to be used as the thumbnail for your post.


By definition, all images returned by the search-tool should be free-use and so not subject to any copyright rules.

However some do have attribution requirements, and you may need to use image-captions or similar to make sure that these are followed in your blog.

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