How to write a blog post - by just talking to your computer

This quick-tip introduces a new speech-recognition tool, which is free, and doesn't need any special software apart from Google Chrome.

Ever wanted to write (at least the first draft) of a blog-post by just talking to your computer - but didn't have fancy speech recognition software to do it with?

There's now a super-simple tool available which lets you do this:
  • Start Google Chrome  (if you aren't already using it)
  • [The first time you use it:  ]   Give permission (Allow) for it to use your microphone
  • Start talking
  • Just say what you want in your post.   Don't worry about mistakes, you can edit them out later.   If you mess up a bit, just "new line" and start again - delete the wrong paragraph.
  • When you've finished, copy the output and paste it into the Blogger post-editor.   Make it pretty, and edit out any mistakes.

Job done!   Post written, keystrokes saved.

More about this tool

Read all about it here:

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