How to copy and paste a website address on an Android smartphone

This article explains how to copy and paste a website address (URL) when you are using the Chrome browser on an Android smartphone.

Copy and paste on an Android phone

When you are using an Android cellphone, the usual way to copy-and-paste text is to "long-click" on one word, and after it is selected, drag the selector-bars at either end to select more of the text.

After this, you have options on a list at the very top of the screen to cut, copy and page.

But this doesn't work on the Chrome browser's address-bar, ie the place where you type in website addresses, or see the address which your currently viewed pages has.

Here, there is no long-click, and you have to use a slightly different approach.

How to copy a web-address on a Smartphone using Google Android and Chrome

1 Inside Chrome, go to the website and page that you want to copy the address from.

2 From the top right handcorner, choose the Overflow menu button: this is three vertical dots.

3 From the menu that opens, choose Share

4 choose Copy to clipboard from the list of sharing options.

Step 1: Choose Share

Step 2: copy-to-clipboard
Now, when you go into other applications and pages, you can long-press, and a small PASTE button will appear.   Click this - and watch your copied link get pasted.


Remember that if it's a Blogger site that the link came from, you may need to remove the " /?m=1" from the end of the URL, for the sake of non-mobile users of the place where you are pasting the link.

How exactly is this a Blogger tip?

Fair question - this a blog about using Blogger, Google's website tool for the rest of us, not about Android phones!   But as more and more people are using mobiles, and so mobile-friendly themes become ever-more important) I still think it's relevant - here's why:

Even with a new phone running a very recent version of the Android operating system, I still find it too hard to write anything exepct the simplest posts on the phone.

But I've found that I can do more and more of the promotional and social-media aspects of managing my blogs on the phone in my "spare mintues", eg while I'm on a bus, or sitting in a waiting room. Very often, this involves locating a blog-post which answers a question, and posting a short summary and link to the post there. An of course to do this, I need to copy the link to the post. So copy-and-pasting website URLs is now one of the tasks need to do fairly often.

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