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Comments I'm never going to publish

The "best" of the comments I'm never going to publish. Like many bloggers, I've noticed an increase in spam-comments over the last few months. And as a blog gets more popular, I guess it's naturally going to be found b…


Stop Twitter's "follow-me" spam in its tracks

This article is about how to stop the annoying email messages that Twitter sends when an acquaintance joins Twitter and decides that they think you should follow them there too. What happens if a "friend" invites to you follow th…


AdSense now allow changes to their advertisement code

This QuickTip is about a change to AdSense's policies about modifying their ad code: in short, you are now allowed to change the code in certain way, to achieve certain things. AdSense have announced changes to their "Modifying ad co…


Google Buzz's last-gasp addition to your Google Drive

This QuickTip is about a file that Google Buzz is going to put into your Google Drive, as part of it's final turn-off routine, for all Buzz accounts that haven't yet been deleted. Google Buzz was one of Google's early-and-short-li…


How to keep your Blogger password safe

This QuickTip introduces a useful post about password management from Google. Giving computer or password-management advice to people who don't have lot of experience with IT has always been challenging: there is a lot of background info…


Choosing a replacement for Google Reader

This post tells the story of my choosing a replacement for Google reader. Every so often, I do a post here on Blogger-HAT which is a little "different". Today, I'm starting the quest to choose a replacement for Google Reader…


How to install Facebook's Open Graph tags into Blogger

This article shows how to install Facebook's Open Graph tags into Blogger Why Open Graph  Neil Patel recently explained on Quick Sprout why having Facebook and Twitter tags installed into your blog is important . To cut his long story…

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